Our Process

We work with contracted and non-contracted farmers. Before contracting farmers, we engage them by providing comprehensive information to help their decision-making. Our veterinary officers visit their farms to assess and help them prepare for the birds.

We have two types of birds: one-day-old chicks and one month and above. For an experienced farmer, the one day old chicks are ideal, whereas for a new farmer, the one month old.

Before delivery, the farmer is trained on all aspects of poultry management. This is also provided periodically during the farming period.

The birds are delivered to the farm. We avail feeds and medication and our veterinary officers provide continuous extension support services. After the chicken mature, we provide a ready market by buying them from the farmers.

We sell live chicken or process, pack, and deliver to various outlets such as restaurants, institutions, and households. We also have our butcheries in strategic locations in the city and our Restaurant, which specializes in chicken delicacies.